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“Sharky,” No More

shark-teethFor some time, it seems that Elizabeth has been adding new teeth, without subtracting existing teeth. So the new one comes in, and the old one just kind of goes over and stands against the wall and watches.
This has led to an unfortunate nickname, from the eldest, who is skilled in snark: “Sharky.”
“Snarky” called her “Sharky.” (See what I did there, I think the kids say.)
Elizabeth hasn’t seemed to mind, and has just rolled with the punches, but there had to be some level of not-feeling-too-good to the whole thing. Certain nicknames are never fun, but best to let it roll off.
So it came to pass that, upon settling into middle school and seeing some of the other kids beginning to show up with soon-to-be-perfect metal-shopped teeth, Elizabeth has been coming around to possibly trimming back the second row of teeth.
The dentist apparently confirmed it would be a good idea if three particular ones found their way out.
In typical fashion for Elizabeth, not much else was said.
Wife bought her some taffy that normally a dentist would prohibit, and those stayed where they were left, on the counter.
Then a few minutes ago, around 10 p.m., Shar….Elizabeth came downstairs with a bunch of toilet paper balled up sticking out of her mouth and another red splotched piece of toiler paper rolled up in her hand.
Did your tooth come out?
“Yeah, I kind of yanked it out. It’s purple. I think it was dead.”
We went back and showed Wife.
Then we decided to have a lot of fun.
We went down to the basement to show Fontaine.
“Get away from me! What’s in your hand? Is it a stink bug?! Is it?!”
Then I opened my hand, and showed her the bloody tooth.
And years of verbal torture of “Sharky” were quickly avenged.

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