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street snowOK, school system, you nailed it on the first day (Monday) when you canceled school and then it started snowing at 8 a.m., three hours earlier than predicted.
Ten inches piled up overnight, so Tuesday was not in doubt.
Takes a while to clear the streets here in the South, so Wednesday was a sure thing.
But then Wednesday afternoon, the “Instant Alert” came in via text for Thursday, that there would be no school due to “continued wintry conditions,” that gave pause.
After all, what sort of conditions were we expecting in February, if not “wintry?” Or winteresque. Or winter-like or winter-ish.
And then, Friday, sure it was 0 degrees when we woke up, but you know….coats/gloves/scarves/hats.
I mean, look at that road in that picture. A half cleared road ought to buy half a day at the school, no?

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