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We’re really going to start getting massive Internet hit, because after a previous post about breasts, which I heard was  a popular search term, we’re getting even more personal.

As you know, “boys” are outnumbered by “girls” in our house by a score of one to four. It’s both a ratio and an actual number. So the girls don’t see a lot of boy private parts.

Two weeks ago, Rosebud watched my brother change the diaper of her two-year-old cousin, a boy.

Rosebud was apparently very observant, though she didn’t quite know what she was seeing. She later told me, while wrinkling up her nose in a trademark Rosebud way: “Daddy, I didn’t like that thing sticking out of Luke’s vagina.”

Yeah, good girl, you keep not liking those things sticking out of boys’ vaginas…for the next couple of decades at least.

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