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Now, there’s a whole philosophical debate to be had over how much privacy a child should have. How much a parent is entitled to know, to learn, through snooping. E-mail accounts, Facebook friends, all that stuff.
But as with all matters of serious parenting, I’m not going to get into that here.
My Dad always enforced his rules with the old, “As long as you’re living under my roof” trump card. And here, the guideline for creative content seems to be the same: Anything composed in this house, that’s fair game.
All of which is a long-winded way to say: Fontaine left a letter to a friend sitting around and Wife read it.
And there was something in it that made my job of household blogger oh so easy. The P.S.
Now, remember, Fontaine’s nine years old and apparently thinking about many things. Her friend is 10 or 11.
“P.S. Did you know that when a woman has a baby, her Virginia splits open?”
Holy Shenandoah Valley!, I thought. Where does this division take place?
Certainly explains the formation of “The Blue Ridge Parkway.”
Not to mention, “The Cumberland Gap.”
Fontaine continued: “That sounds painful, and gross, and that’s why I am not having babies.”
I don’t know what to do: Is this time for some in-home sex ed…or maybe just spelling lessons?
Image above from tnhistoryforkids.com. I’ve been there, to the real Cumberland Gap, an amazing place.

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