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I don’t know what to say. Where does she get the moves? Not from me, not from Wife, unless she’s been holding out.
Nature beats nurture.
Here’s Rosebud cutting some serious Dollar Tree rug. Lord knows, I didn’t even know she was down with Sade.

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Rosebud is about to come of age. Endure a little family hazing ritual. Pass a milestone that every child in img_Aug_02_2009_18_01this family has encountered.
See, we have a kitchen island. It has a one-inch thick granite countertop. When we had the kitchen done, the guy said a lot of people like an overhang on the back side of the island, for extra room, so we have 9 inches of extra room that we are able to take advantage of by junking it up with crap.
As our children learn to toddle and then walk and then run, they like to zip around the island and the short ones can short-cut the cabinet and run under the 9-inch overhang with no problem.
But, oh, they grow up so quickly, and one day a child will be short-cutting and the next day a child will be — WHAMMMM!!!!
I mean, head snapped back and soft-kid forehead still stuck to the granite while the feet kind of keep going and fly forward. Like something the Roadrunner causes to happen to the Coyote.
And the thing is, the other day I watched as Rosebud, who previously had a good four inches of clearance, short-cut under the countertop. A curl of her Blaze Orange hair clipped the underside of the granite.
It’s a matter of weeks, maybe days.
There’s not much I can do to stop this.
It’s a mistake that the first two have made, but only once.
I guess we’ll let it happen, console the poor thing, and say, “Welcome to the club, Rosebud.”

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