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This time around, I really got into the World Cup. Even after the U.S. lost.
So it was that I huffed and puffed on Sunday as we headed back from a lovely day on the beach and I announced sarcastically, “I’m going to catch the last four minutes of the World Cup final.”
(Gosh, I’m a jerk sometimes.)
I flipped on the game, uh, match, and there were really 25 minutes left. It was zero to zero, er, “nil-nil” or love-love. Netherlands and Spain.
The girls went upstairs, took showers, and the game was still on. Wife ran out to the store, came back, and the game was still on. Still zero to zero.
Elizabeth was the first to walk in.
“Can I watch basketball with you?”
Sure, but it’s soccer.
She watches for two minutes, and homes in on the intricacy of the sport.
“Aren’t they allowed to use their hands?”
No, only the goalie.
“What’s that noise?”
It comes from these things the South African fans blow into.
“It’s pretty annoying, isn’t it? I don’t like it.”
“Are they blowing into them because somebody scored?”
Uh, no, no one has scored yet.
She wanders off to arrange dolls.
Fontaine walks in.
“What’s the score?”
Neither team has scored yet.
“And they’ve been playing this long?”
Yes, it’s in, I think they call it, “extra time,” and there’s no score.
“That’s pretty lame, isn’t it?”
Yes, but the tension, the anticipation, the drama…
“But haven’t they been playing for like three hours? That’s pretty lame.”
Yeah, OK, you’re right.
When’s the NFL pre-season start, anyway?
BCS anyone?
Baseball playoffs?
Hey, maybe LeBron will make another announcement soon.

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