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Last Halloween, we were at the pumpkin patch at a church nearby that sells them for a fundraiser every img_Jun_15_2009_25_41year. We call it The Pumpkin Church.
The guy selling the pumpkins said, “Three girls, huh?”
“I had three girls. Two things you’ll always be out of: Hot water and toilet paper.”
Yeah, hahaha, that’s funny. How much are the pumpkins?
But as life goes on…
Those gray rolls that come inside toilet paper? We could save them and build a gray tunnel to the moon. Elizabeth spins it off the roll and crumples it into a baseball-sized ball to use it. She could soak up a sizeable tributary of the Chesapeake Bay with one handful.
So the other day, the wife fought back. Bought a skid of Scott’s Super Rolls. Seven hundred and twenty sheets per roll.
The rolls are so big that they won’t fit into a standard old-house molded tile TP holder, so Scott’s includes a plastic extender that helps it fit by jutting out.
Super Rolls have now been installed in every bathroom.
The grand experiment has begun.
Actual roll shown above, but the photo doesn’t really do it justice.

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img_Jun_02_2009_34_15My Three Daughters has just celebrated “our” (and as you know “we” here at MTD.com like to refer to ourselves in the plural…makes us sound like a whole tsunami of bloggers) 100th comment.
Wow, only took a year. Huffington Post, we’re coming for you.
Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads and takes the time to post comments. I love comments; makes me feel like I have readers. I find it funny that my “Daddy blog” has almost entirely Mom readers.
And the winner is, the person who posted the 100th comment: “Just Mary.”
“Just Mary,” you can collect your prize: a no-expenses paid evening with the three charmers. You get to re-live your previous motherhood experiences of screaming, finger-pointing, tattle-tailing and diaper changing, while Wife and I head out for an evening at a local restaurant.

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