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I love it wheimg_Aug_03_2008_06_44n a writer refers to himself as “we.” Sort of lends an air of group-ness to the whole thing, like a vast committee of folks is behind the thinking.
With that said, we here at My Three Daughters dot com stand corrected.
Our wife, singular, read the previous entry and demanded a, harumph, change to the text. (Careful readers will have noticed such already, with no trace of the offense remaining.)
We wrote in the below post that Daughter No. 3 was given Benedryl due to teething, and it turns out it was a cut tongue (or something).
Our wife thought that astute readers would think that a mom who would give Benedryl for teething pain, well, other moms would consider that mom a “dumb…”
Assumptions can get us in trouble, so again, it was for a cut lip and she mixed some Tums in there too.
Also, we were informed that we really weren’t in on the original decision as to what or whether to give the medication; she just decided to do it, and we stood there watching.
So we regret all those errors.
(We also regret that another case of cut tongue has not yet occurred, and another Benedryl-Tums cocktail has not been mixed, as we only got to sleep through that one night in 14 months.)
(But we didn’t say that.)

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